Introducing Beulah Lou!


I’d like you to meet my sewing model, Beulah Lou.  She is quiet and can stand still for hours upon hours.  She is also impervious to pin pricks!  What a trooper!

Beulah Lou is sporting the front bodice and front midriff pieces of Vogue 8648 that have been altered to fit her dimensions.  Working out the pattern is like putting together a puzzle – the pieces have a way to fit together that is right and works.  Pattern pieces are made of paper, thin tissue paper.  I’m using Swedish pattern paper to make new pattern pieces since I have quite a bit of adjusting to do.

Do you know which word is most important in the sentence, “Pattern pieces are made of paper, thin tissue paper.”?

Paper.  Paper is the important word.  Paper can be folded.  Paper can be cut.  Paper can be crumpled up.  Paper can be sliced, notched, and twisted.  This means that patterns are NOT set in STONE.  There are a limited number of people who can fit into a commercial pattern right out of the envelope.  Those people are called “models”.  For the rest of us, the pattern is the beginning point.  The pattern gives you somewhere to start but the journey can take different paths to the same goal.  My path is full of curves and that’s okay!

This dress will have a full skirt and sleeves.  I believe the bodice and midriff are the most challenging sections, so I will work those first.  I’m nervous about the sleeves, but have faith in Susan Khalje’s experience and wisdom!  I’m excited to learn how to fit a sleeve!

I’ll post a pic of the fashion fabric that I have selected.  Finding this fabric (and having a nice coupon at Joann) made this dress come alive for me.  I hope it will turn out well and I can wear it to my BFF’s wedding in May.

Until later, I will be Boldly Sewing,



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