Muslin, pt 2

Me:  I need to work on my muslin.

Skippy:  You’re making a Muslim?  How do you make a Muslim?

Me:  No, Mus-LIN.

Skippy:  Oh.

Any-whooo.  So, after a quick explanation about what a muslin is, Skippy returned to killing zombies and I went to sew.  I’m working on the bodice and midriff of my couture dress.  I hand-basted all the pieces together and put them on Beulah Lou.  The bodice was too big and the midriff only slightly too small.  I marked the changes I think are needed, took it all apart, re-stitched some new stitching lines, and made a new piece for the midriff side front that I had somehow gotten too small.

Then I started hand-basting it together again for another fitting.  When things didn’t match up as expected, I uttered a few “cuss words” and started looking at everything again.  I was off by a panel so I was sewing the midriff to the bodice off-center.  That’s really not a huge deal and I had only basted two panels, so I tore it out.  I’ll do it again.

I have decided that when I am sewing, when I start to make certain types of “DUH!” errors, it’s time to take a break.  No sense in keeping on when I’m tired or no long in the zone!  I tore out the basting, folded everything together, had a snack, checked e-mail, and surfed the internet.  I’ll be back to the basting shortly!

For the record, the Japanese basting thread I purchased online from Shibori Dragon  ( is wonderful!  Easy to baste in and super easy to rip apart.  Love it!

Still boldly sewing!


One more comment about basting:  When I talk about basting, my hubby always starts talking about being hungry and starts making “nom nom” sounds.  Now, I can’t think, hear, say, or type the word without thinking about a roast in the oven!


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