Congrats! It’s a Muslin!

The muslin is basted together. I’m not unpleased. The back of the bodice needs work. But that’s the point of a muslin, right?  The bodice and midriff fronts are pretty good. The bust fits me better than is does Beulah Lou.  I like the full skirt. Overall, I’m encouraged with my progress since this is the first time I’ve attempted something of this complexity.


Now, I need to look at a couple of those smaller projects. I have a need to feel like I’ve finished something.

Continuing to sew boldly,


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2 thoughts on “Congrats! It’s a Muslin!

  1. Looks good. Shit loads of pattern pieces usually mean a better fit, so the work you’ve put in now will surely be worth it in the final piece.

    • Thanks! I agree. The midriff is actually 8 pieces. I’m making the middle 2 pieces one piece because I like the way it looks. But having so many middle pieces has made fitting the dress around my mid-section easier. I appreciate you stopping by!

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