Rock and Roll!

I made this felt poodle skirt for the.daughter of some friends. She is going to a sock hop after school tomorrow. It was pretty easy to make and has a separate petticoat, too.


Boldly sewing,


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2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll!

  1. Ah-NICE! Are those felt balls? Did you machine embroider the leash? The other kids’ mums are gonna hate you for making them look bad XD.

  2. The balls were purchased in the craft dept of our local fabric store, Joann. They are some kind of fuzzy synthetic. I did not embroider the leash. It is a satin braided cord that I had on hand. I used fusible webbing for the poodle applique, but also sewed under the areas where the poof balls were glued on, for added stability. I used a black half-ball button for the eye and a 1/4″ red grosgrain ribbon.

    I think the skirt turned out pretty well! Thanks!

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