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The 4th of July! Using My GoBar at a Cookout

Super cute and creative idea!


Sewing my Stitch Library


I have a very nice Baby Lock sewing machine – the Elizabeth model. The machine comes loaded with all types of utility, quilting, and decorative stitches. I have only used about 5 of the 100+ options. offers many online, take-at-your-leisure crafting, sewing, knitting, etc classes. I have purchased four and gotten two at no charge. If you are interested in learning a new skill or technique, I highly recommend the Craftsy platform!

One of the classes I am currently working on is called Stupendous Stitching. This class teaches sewing, couching, and related techniques for creating fabric art. As part of the learning process, the students are asked to create a “Stitch Bible” of all the stitches on their personal sewing machines. By actually stitching out every option and assembling the “pages” in a “book” we will have the opportunity to learn more about our machines.

Our instructor, Carol Ann Waugh, advises to alter the stitch properties on each stitch to discover even more options than you see in the manual. A machine with 10 stitch options can have so many more options than just 10. By changing the stitch properties to make the stitch sorted, smaller, longer, taller the possibilities are amazing!  Ten stitches quickly becomes 20 and then 30 and so on.

My machine has 4 groups of stitches. The image above shows the first four “pages” of my stitch library. I have completed the first group, which is mostly utility stitches, and am little over half way through the second group of stitches. I have already learned a few things about my machine and discovered a few stitches that I will definitely want to use in the future! It feels really good to take the time to do this exercise because I paid a nice chunk of change for a good machine, so I really should learn all I can about what it will and won’t do, what it can and can’t do. Also, the more I use my machine, the better I become at using it.

Practice, practice, practice!

Boldly sewing,


p.s. You can check out some of Carol Ann Waugh’s work on her Pinterest page!

Commission Project – Backgammon Pieces Bag


My friend Andy bought an incredibly beautiful Backgammon board from somewhere in the Middle East. Damascus, I think. He asked if I could make a bag for the game pieces. I was a little surprised that the game didn’t come with something for the game pieces, honestly. But, it didn’t, so I said I would make a bag. I bought a quarter yard of black velvet and found a remnant of red taffeta. I bought the main embroidery design from Urban Threads!, my most favorite-est embroidery design site evah! I arranged the monogram using Sew What Pro. I chose red for the lining and thread colors because the Backgammon board is made with inlaid red and white colors on the brown. I chose the embroidery design and monogram font because they have an ancient feel to them and the game board has a very antique feel to me. After stitching out the embroidery designs, I stitched up the drawstring bags – velvet outer bag and taffeta lining bag. I sewed gussets in the bag bottoms, so the bag will “sit” prettier. My husband said, “Nice! A custom-made Crown Royal bag!” as memories of Dungeons and Dragons danced in his head. I rolled my eyes. I’m pretty pleased with the results! I hope Andy will like it, too.

"Bag with the Backgammon Board"

And here is the bag with the Backgammon board for which it was made.

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