Commission Project – Backgammon Pieces Bag


My friend Andy bought an incredibly beautiful Backgammon board from somewhere in the Middle East. Damascus, I think. He asked if I could make a bag for the game pieces. I was a little surprised that the game didn’t come with something for the game pieces, honestly. But, it didn’t, so I said I would make a bag. I bought a quarter yard of black velvet and found a remnant of red taffeta. I bought the main embroidery design from Urban Threads!, my most favorite-est embroidery design site evah! I arranged the monogram using Sew What Pro. I chose red for the lining and thread colors because the Backgammon board is made with inlaid red and white colors on the brown. I chose the embroidery design and monogram font because they have an ancient feel to them and the game board has a very antique feel to me. After stitching out the embroidery designs, I stitched up the drawstring bags – velvet outer bag and taffeta lining bag. I sewed gussets in the bag bottoms, so the bag will “sit” prettier. My husband said, “Nice! A custom-made Crown Royal bag!” as memories of Dungeons and Dragons danced in his head. I rolled my eyes. I’m pretty pleased with the results! I hope Andy will like it, too.

"Bag with the Backgammon Board"

And here is the bag with the Backgammon board for which it was made.


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