Lemme think…..what would anyone want to know about me?  What is interesting?  What is real?  I am 43 years old and mighty proud to be where I am today.  I like to make things.  I like to be creative but in very selfish ways.  I typically make things for other people but I make things as gifts, so I choose the project and I choose the recipient.  In a way, it is my art medium.  The project is inspired by something related to the recipient.  I’m not great at “taking orders” for things.  I can and sometimes I do, but I can be slow to finish something.  So, is that perfectly opaque?

I work as a Business Systems Analyst.  It’s a job.  This is a new-ish position for me and the jury is still out on how I feel about it.  Right now it’s kinda of dull and tedious.  My previous position was much more interesting, but change happens and we have to deal with it.  I was a school teacher years ago and I’m feeling that I may be moving back in that direction soon.  I miss working with students.  I miss doing something that contributes to society in what I hope is a positive way.

One of my earliest memories is being between the ages of 2 and 3, playing under a quilt that was stretched across ladies’ laps in my grandparents’ living room.  My great-grandmother lived with my grandparents and she had an old Singer pedal-powered machine.  When I was a few years older, I would sit on the floor and push the pedal for her.  I thought I was helping so much!  I’m sure she was letting me “help” more than I was actually helping.  It was my great-grandmother who first taught me how to sew by hand.  I pieced pieces of fabric together as if I were quilting.  I then moved on to making clothes for my Barbie dolls.  I put aside sewing as a teen and young adult, but rediscovered my talent and creativity in my 30’s.  I now have a sewing machine, a serger, and an embroidery machine.  My projects run the gamut – crafts, fabric art, clothing, mending, purses and other accessories.  If you can sew, serge, or embroider it, I will probably do it at some point!  Sewing, for me, is a healthy and challenging activity that allows me to de-stress, re-focus, and re-energize my mind and soul.  Sewing allows me to be creative and make things that I am proud to give and share.  It is a huge positive self-esteem reinforcer, too.  I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I create something that is beautiful and useful.   Sewing also presents challenges and problems that I have an opportunity to solve, which builds my skills and adds to my repertoire of knowledge and experience.

I’m married to the most amazing man!  He either totally get me or he just doesn’t let my peculiarities ruffle him.  Either way, it’s a match!  I never wonder what’s going on with him.  He is who he is and that is all he is.  It’s so wonderful having such a stead-fast, unflappable, constant companion.  I highly recommend it!

I live just outside Memphis, Tennessee in a little town called Arlington.  It’s a small place but we have the most wonderful neighborhood!  The kids can get out and play, which they do, and we all enjoy out little “Mayberry-esque” part of the world!

I sew and create, research my family history on Ancestry.com, and watch a lot of BBC shows on Netflix.

If you want to know more, drop me a line!


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