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I put together a muslin yesterday for a really cute top that I hope will be flattering and comfortable while being very versatile.  I used Vogue 8815 and attempted view C.  This is a Very Easy Vogue pattern and it is very easy.  Just a few simple pieces and it sews up quickly.

The issue is not with Vogue.  If you know the acronym PEBKAC, you know what happened here.

Problem Exists Between Cutting Mat and Scissors

  • I did not do any re-measuring of myself.
  • I did not do any measuring of the pattern pieces to compare to similar finished garments I might own.
  • I did not put the pieces on Beulah Lou (my dressmaker’s form).

So, there you go.  I basted everything together in just a few minutes and attempted to put it on.

Muslin FAIL.  The arms are way too tight.  The front piece is so tight it looks like I’m trying to bind my chest.  The waist is a good 3 inches or more too high in the front.

I almost had to Hulk-out to get the thing off!

The postives:

  • I will remember that I am not a standard pattern size, therefore I must measure and make adjustments.
  • I will be happy that I created a muslin out of pattern paper that I can now adjust.
  • I will use my dressmaker’s form.
  • I will learn from my mistakes!

Cutting corners, being lazy or undisciplined, or just slacking doesn’t yield good results when sewing.


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