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Preparation is Key

Today I cut out 3 patterns. One I cut out on my Swedish pattern paper because I expect to need to make some changes. The other two are both stretch fabrics – my first stretch fabric attempts. I will say that the serrated Gingher scissors I bought upon the advice of Susan Khalje were a great investment. They grip slippery fabrics so you can cut two layers easier.

I must decide how to get an appropriate cutting table. Bending over the dining room table does not make my arthritic back happy. I think I could put bed risers under the table legs which would make it pretty much perfect until we tried to sit down to dinner. I’ll have to think of a more practical solution.

It took several hours to prep, layout, pin, then cut out. I believe that prepping before sewing is the bulk of the “heavy lifting” in sewing. For me, it is the most physically uncomfortable part. However, once it is done, the rest of the process is cake!

So, next step is to sew up the pieces!


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