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Finally! A Diagnosis!

My chronic and seemingly never-ending back pain is Facet Joint Syndrome.  Basically, I have premature arthritis of the facet joints of my lumbar spine.  The facet joints are the little nobbly things you see on the vertebrae in pictures of a spine or on a skeleton.  Those little joints help keep the vertebrae from falling onto each other and make sure all stays separated appropriately.  My little joints have arthritis, so they are more easily inflamed by certain activities, such as walking and sitting for long periods of time.  (I guess all that time on the treadmill wasn’t doing as much good as it was doing harm. Ooops.  Who knew?)

So, a round of steroids and some physical therapy (in the pool – sweet!) and I should be right as rain!  I should be able to prevent future “episodes” of this magnitude by NOT walking too much, getting the right kind of exercise, and using over-the-counter medicines for the mild aches and pains.  The recommended exercises are yoga (with a knowledgeable teacher) and swimming. I’m all for that!

How does this affect my sewing?  It just means I have to make sure I have a good chair and I don’t overdo it.  I can handle that.  I’ll be back to my usual self in no time.  I’m sure of it!

Will be boldly sewing again before you know it!




April showers have brought an MRI. I’ve had constant back pain since February 2 and finally went for an MRI. Hopefully, I’ll get answers and a plan to get rid of the pain.

Back pain has put a huge crimp in my life. I really cannot do the things I enjoy nor can I do the things I need to do (and do not enjoy, like housework).  I cannot sit, stand, or lie down for any length of time comfortably.  I am not taking prescription pain medicine and muscle relaxers every day. I would be too stoned to function and I gotta work!

So, I take the medicine at night and on weekends which means I get very little accomplished.

Constant pain is frustrating. I hope you never experience it. It sucks.

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